California Rescue

7th Jan 3304

The Alliance has announced that its operation to reclaim the supply lines connecting its California Nebula bases with the core systems has reached a successful conclusion.

The initiative followed a number of attacks on Alliance ships in and around the California Sector. The Dionysus-class agricultural vessel FGK-342 was among those targeted, near Gefjun’s Claim, the new Spinward Marches Hydroponics facility in the Synuefai LX-R d5-28 system. SMAC support vessels moved quickly to assist the stricken megaship and help fight off the attackers.

The campaign received the support of hundreds of independent pilots, who eliminated the pirates targeting the supply lines and recovered escape pods from ships destroyed by the agitators. Those rescued from the shipwrecks are now recovering at Darwin Research Facility in the California Sector BV-Y c7 system.

Going to California

17th Nov 3303

The Spinward Marches Alliance Concern is pleased to announce that, following the successful conclusion of the Feeding California community initiative, three new installations have been constructed in the Synuefai LX-R d5-28 system.

Situated halfway between the Pleiades and the California Nebula, the Orbis starport New Beaumont Dock, the planetside outpost Perseus Hold, and the agricultural space facility Gefjun’s Claim are now operational.

The new facilities will be run by a subsidiary company, Spinward Marches Hydroponics, contracted to work for the Alliance, with the primary goal of supplying food, water and energy infrastructure to the Turner Research Group in the California Nebula.

The Spinward Marches Alliance Concern extends its gratitude to the many commanders who supported the initiative, and invites them to try Morrina or Badfort Tea when returning to Hansford’s Landing.

Feeding California

9th Nov 3303

The Spinward Marches Alliance Concern are pleased to announce the next stage in their push to develop and support settlements beyond the main bubble of inhabited space with the California Reach community initiative.

The organisation are appealing to pilots to support the construction of a new agricultural facility in the Synuefai LX-R d5-28 system near the California Nebula to support the growing communities in the region. The nebula is situated 1,000 light years rimward and spinward of inhabited space and is the home to a growing community of scientists, miners and colonists and the Alliance Turner Research Group.

Senior SMAC Operative Saool Aledon said:

“We have been working for some time towards developing new stations and facilities out in the Spinward Reach, and we are delighted to be able to work with members of the Pilots Federation to construct this new agricultural facility to support the intrepid colonists and researchers out in the California Nebula.’

Commanders who bring Land Enrichment Systems, Crop Harvesters and Auto Fabricators to Hansford’s Landing in the BD+22 4939 system will be generously compensated for their efforts.

Ceremonial Teabaggers Celebrate First Birthday as a Faction

10th May 3303

The group formerly known as the Ceremonial Tea Baggers are celebrating their first year as a faction in the Teaka system.

The Teaka Elite Altruistic Bagging Cooperative, as they are now known, came to fame for their innovative cargo transfer technique which helped move thousands of tonnes of Heike Ceremonial Tea to combat the Cerberus Plague in the Nespeleve system last year.

The faction, who aided SMAC in the recovery effort following the civil wars in Morrina, celebrated their first anniversary by recreating the relay run outside Brunel City stardock in Heike, providing millions of credits of profit for contributing pilots.

The Spinward Marches Alliance Concern send their congratulations and wish the Baggers all the best for the future. Pilots wishing to help the Baggers’ progress can find out more about the organisation here.

Outlander Rescued in the Sagittarius Gap

22nd March 3303

A Sidewinder pilot who ran into difficulties over 3,800 light years from SMAC space has been dramatically rescued by the Fuel Rats.

CMDR Gilmorril, who is attempting the 22,000 light year journey to Colonia — site of the burgeoning “second bubble” of colonised space — in his first starship, a tiny Faulcon deLacy Sidewinder, ran out of fuel deep in the Sagittarius Gap, the badlands between galactic arms.

Fuel Rats’ CMDR Atlas Core’s long-range Anaconda was quickly dispatched to the M21 Sector TM-5 a5-0 system and successfully replenished the stricken Sidewinder’s extended fuel tanks enabling Gilmorril to continue on.

CMDR Gilmorril released a statement after arriving safely at Amundsen Terminal in the Lagoon Nebula following the rescue:

“I got careless while traversing a region of brown dwarfs. This far out that sort of mistake can be fatal. Without the Fuel Rats and CMDR Atlas Core it would’ve been curtains. I can’t thank them enough — these guys rock!’

CMDR Gilmorril was able to turn in over 700,000 credits of exploration data thanks to the rescue, including the discovery of twin water worlds in the Smujoe ME-T c3-13 system near M21, which the commander has suggested should be named “Atlas” and “Core”.

Speaking back in the Orang system after the mission, CMDR Core had this message for pilots everywhere:

“Lost in the black with no fuel to squeak of? We come where you are!”

SMAC takes control of the HIP 20 Cluster

8th January 3303

The Spinward Marches Alliance Concern have taken control of the Synuefai LC-C B46-1 system, and now have control of all four inhabited systems in the HIP 20 Cluster.

The BD+22 4939 Purple Cartel ceded control of the planetary port of Thornycroft Terminal to SMAC after a three day ceasefire in hostilities as teams from both factions negotiated the transition.

SMAC’s CMDR Saool said:

“This is a historic day for the HIP 20 Cluster. SMAC has provided new job opportunities, boosted the local economy, and has provided security with regular system defense patrols which will now be extended across all four systems. We now look forward to working together with our fellow factions to bring peace, prosperity and a bright future to the hardy people of the Spinward Marches.”

It is hoped the deal will bring a decisive end to the conflict that has smoldered across the cluster in recent weeks, and allow the organisation to refocus on its exploration, terraforming and technological development programmes.

SMAC Issue Territorial Travel Advisory

6th January 3303

In light of various rumours emanating from GalNet feeds and communication networks, Spinward Marches Alliance Concern have issued a travel advisory in respect of the star systems currently comprising the area of their security network.

The travel advisory, signed off by SMAC’s CMDR Demetrius Dennehy, reads as follows:

“Residents and travellers in and around BD+22 4939, Col 285 Sectors BB-O c6-3 and BB-O c6-10 should take extra care when jumping inter-systems, preferably travelling in small groups of at least two wherever possible.

“Whilst SMAC has yet to verify news reports and rumours of strange craft interdicting civilian transports in the Pleiades Sector, security of our community is paramount. As such, this simple additional precaution to maintain the high levels of safety and well-being that the population of SMAC have become used to in recent times should be followed.

“Residents and visitors should also continue to be aware of the dwindling, but persistent, threat of interdiction and piracy from non-SMAC affiliated groups in the sector. Citizens have made multiple reports of such attacks in recent months, many aggressing ships bearing the marks of the Purple Cartel pirate group.”

SMAC have published details of an increase in patrols and security protocols generally in response to demands from public and business alike.

Steele Settlement and Block Point Secured

5th January 3303

Spinward Marches Alliance Concern have now secured all three settlements in Col 285 Sector BB-O c6-3 after the withdrawal of the BD+22 4939 Purple Cartel from the system. Already governing the planetary port of Brooks Vista, SMAC brought the mining stations of Steele Settlement and Block Point under their jurisdiction.

The transfer of power, however, was not without its own danger. Soon after the retreat of the Purple Cartel and SMAC being allowed into the facilities a number of mining charges and explosives were detected. SMAC security teams acted swiftly, neutralising the threat before any harm could come to the civilian populace.

SMAC’s security consultant, CMDR Civility Marks, offered this statement:

“Spinward Marches Alliance Concern’s effective technology and security routines helped us swiftly identify and remove any potential issues and safety concerns. Without quick action, this incident could have been much worse and could have led to a great loss of life. SMAC will not stand for such terrorist action and will continue to restrain the BD+22 4939 Purple Cartel’s activities wherever possible.

The retreating Purple Cartel’s small fleet jumped to the Synuefai LC-C b46-1 system and towards its remaining stronghold at Thornycroft Terminal. SMAC ships were stationed in the area and an uneasy truce now exists between the two factions as negotiations for BD+22 4939 Purple Cartel's disarmament now take place.

Historic Night for SMAC

30th December 3302

The Spinward Marches Alliance Concern has taken control of the planetside port of Brooks Vista and the Col 285 Sector BB-O c6-3 system — the first time the organisation has simultaneously controlled three star systems in its history.

The change of regime at Brooks follows a short but violent civil war with the incumbent BD+22 4939 Purple Cartel, who had reneged on trade agreements with SMAC earlier this month.

SMAC combat pilot CMDR Deck Versailes commented:

“Our campaign to upgrade security across the HIP 20 Cluster has reached another milestone, and civilian and commercial traffic will now benefit from SMAC’s system defense ships being deployed across the c6-3 system.”

The fourth inhabited system in the cluster, Synuefai LC-C B46-1, remains under the Purple Cartel’s control for now.

Security and Safety Increased

28th December 3302

During a volatile week for the HIP 20 cluster the Spinward Marches Alliance Concern have laboured to increase security and safety in the Col 285 Sector BB-O c6-10 system, rooting out insurgents threatening the civilian population.

The civil war threatening the system reached new heights when the BD+22 4939 Purple Cartel deployed surface attacks against the mining outpost of Auer Depot in the system; attacking the civilians and workers they allegedly were protecting, in an attempt to murder a SMAC negotiation team within the depot.

CMDR Henriko released an official SMAC statement:

“The Purple Cartel launched an unprovoked attack against a civilian outpost today that resulted in a number of casualties. Fortunately, there has been no loss of life, but it could have been much worse if not for the swift and sure response from the Spinward Marches Alliance Concern security team and system patrol vessels. The SMAC team have managed to pursue all Purple Cartel ships out of the system in order to help restore order and safety and are now working closely with the community to rebuild the damaged portions of the outpost and tend to the wounded.”

There was no official comment from the BD+22 4939 Purple Cartel, but it is understood that they have withdrawn completely from the system, moving their ships and resources into the nearby Col 285 Sector BB-O c6-3 system where they continue to harass civilian trade and attempt to attack SMAC ships at any opportunity.

With the safety of the cluster under threat, the Spinward Marches Alliance Concern have moved some of their resources into the Synuefai LC-C b46-1 system, appointing a trade commissioner at Thornycroft Terminal to attempt a peaceful negiotiation and avoid any further civilian casualties.

Victory at Shatner Prospect

20th December 3302

The Spinward Marches Alliance Concern has taken control of the planetside port of Shatner Prospect and the Col 285 Sector BB-O c6-10 system after a short but intense conflict with the BD+22 4939 Purple Cartel.

The sudden civil war in the system broke out despite apparently successful trade negotiations at Brooks Vista only days before.

SMAC’s CMDR Saool said:

“Despite a trade deal with the Purple Cartel, our ships continued to be interdicted and attacked. It is clear there is no reasoning with pirates, and we will not rest until security has been brought to the entirety of the HIP 20 Cluster.”

Shortly after his comments, SMAC announced its intention to expand to the Syneufai LC-C b46-1 system, the remaining one of the four local inhabited systems yet to have an official SMAC presence.

Trade Negotiations at Brooks Vista a Success

12th December 3302

After a short period of intense negotiations the Spinward Marches Alliance Concern have expanded their sphere of influence in the HIP 20 Cluster to the Col 285 Sector BB-O c6-3 system. A trade deal with the incumbent Purple Cartel will allow SMAC representatives to base themselves at Brooks Vista, the sole port within the system.

A small mining team will be allowed to extract arsenic from one of the larger mines on the fifth planet within the system, less than 10km from the planetside port, in exchange for reduced taxes and discounts on Badfort Fair Trade Tea at Hansford’s Landing in BD+22 4939.

CMDR Dibber was amongst the team to lead the trade negotiations and gave this statement:

“We extended a friendly hand to the Purple Cartel to help stabilise the cluster and together we will strive to bring an end to the current spate of infighting amongst some factions in the area. Our mining installation, along with that at Shatner Prospect, will hopefully produce scientific breakthroughs that will benefit all of us within the cluster. We also very much welcome bringing cheaper Badfort Tea to thousands of residents.”

No spokesperson from the Purple Cartel was available for comment.

First Expansion Since Relocation for SMAC

30th November 3302

The Spinward Marches Alliance Concern are pleased to announce their expansion into the Col 285 Sector BB-O c6-10 system, the nearest of the three industrial and extraction systems to BD+22 4939, which make up the HIP 20 Cluster.

The primary station is the planetside port of Shatner Prospect — an Yttrium mining and refining outpost on the second planet — which supports the majority of the thirty thousand inhabitants of the system.

The first official statement from the outpost was given by CMDR Civility Marks:

“After establishing a foothold in the BD+22 4939 zone we are working quickly to bring supplies, equipment and a much needed boost to the settlers of the region. SMAC will help those hard working individuals, often braving harsh environments and conditions, to have the best infrastructure and tools at their disposal to perform the roles that they originally headed out into this frontier to fulfil.”

This is SMAC’s first expansion since moving headquarters to BD+22 4939.

Authorities Issue Warning Following Logging Tragedy

13th November 3302

The Spinward Marches Alliance Concern have issued a safety warning to all travellers visiting the terraformed world of Badfort. This follows the death of five unregistered loggers who put down on the planet with the aim of acquiring some of the super-dense wood from the trees that have adapted to the high-pressure atmosphere, and grow in the tropical and sub-tropical forests that cover the world.

A spokesperson for the Corporation said:

“These people simply did not take the necessary safety precautions. Whilst technically the atmosphere is human breathable, there is only a 2.4% oxygen content. However, more importantly, the atmosphere has six times more pressure than human norms — whilst you can work without a pressure suit in these conditions, both nitrogen and oxygen become toxic at these pressures, meaning supplementary breathing apparatus are still required for any extended stay.”

A single logger survived the incident after managing to get back to their ship.

The Battle of Badfort

11th November 3302

The Spinward Marches Alliance Concern has successfully taken control of Hansford’s Landing stardock and the BD+22 4939 system, following a short civil war with the BD+22 4939 Purple Cartel.

The victory brings an end to the anarchic rule of the pirate cartel, and provides much needed security to the station and the system, including the commencement of regular patrols by SMAC’s system defence ships.

SMAC spokesperson CMDR Deck Versailes said:

“SMAC pledges to do everything it can to continue to improve life for the citizens of BD+22 4939, and taking control of Badfort and its stardock is just the beginning. We will continue to push to improve the standard of living and security across the HIP 20 Cluster.”

SMAC’s influence in the system grew sharply following their recent arrival, and the establishment of Badfort Tea, a subsidiary of Morrina Tea, is creating new jobs and providing a welcome boost to the economy.

Badfort Rising

25th October 3302

The Spinward Marches Alliance Concern is pleased to announce the beginning of a new chapter in its development with the relocation of its headquarters to Hansford’s Landing, orbiting the terraformed world of Badfort, in the BD+22 4939 system.

Announcing the move, SMAC spokesperson CMDR Saool said:

“With Morrina stabilised and a treaty in place with the Morrina Pro-Alliance Party, it is time for SMAC to turn its attention to our projects out in the Spinward Reach. We look forward to improving conditions and security for the citizens of the HIP 20 Cluster, as well as developing the agricultural industry on Badfort.”

BD+22 4939 is one of a quartet of colonised systems (known locally as the HIP 20 Cluster) some 100 light years beyond the edge of the inhabited “bubble” of populated space.

Rock the Khasa

29th August 3302

The Spinward Marches Alliance Concern are pleased to announce their expansion into the nearby Khasa system.

Khasa is a trinary system 10.43 light years from Morrina consisting of one Class M red star and two Class L brown dwarfs. The system’s solitary space station is Tull Terminal, an Orbis starport orbiting the Earth-like world of Khasa C 3.

The expansion comes on the back of the recent closure of SMAC’s research facilities in the HR 6421 system. These resources have been re-purposed towards the move to Khasa and the proposed deep-space Spinward Reach Project.

Election victory at HIP 81862

14th July 3302

The Spinward Marches Alliance Concern are celebrating a second election victory in the HIP 81862 system, taking control of both the main station, Bachman Dock, and the system itself.

The decisive win over HIP 81862 Allied Services follows an earlier triumph over HIP 81862 Jet Dynamic Industries, and a bloodless “war” with the Bureau of HIP 81862 League, bringing the number of SMAC’s facilities in the system to three: Spring’s Progress, King Survey and now Bachman Dock.

SMAC spokesperson CMDR Dibber said:

“We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the democratic process and the pilots who contributed throughout the campaign to help secure victory. This heralds a bright future for HIP 81862 as part of the Alliance of Independent Systems, and we look forward to improving the lives of even more people here with SMAC’s innovative technologies and plenty of tea!”

Industry is constantly busy at the ground facilities with manufacturing apace and steps have already been taken to safeguard the shipping lanes on the long journey to Bachman Dock.

Bachman Dock-er Overdrive

13th June 3302

The Spinward Marches Alliance Concern are delighted to announce a second successful expansion, this time to HIP 81862, the nearest system to Morrina. HIP 81862’s solitary orbital station is Bachman Dock, an Ocellus starport some 14,000 light seconds from the star.

SMAC spokesperson CMDR Saool said:

“We’re delighted to be expanding to our closest neighbours. While our expansion to HR 6421 was essentially a scientific one, SMAC is looking to make a big economic impact at HIP 81862 and put our resources and technology to good use for the people there.”

SMAC ships have already begun running missions from Bachman Dock.

Expansion into HR 6421

16th May 3302

As part of its expansion, the Spinward Marches Alliance Concern is pleased to announce the opening of a new embassy in the nearby HR 6421 system.

HR 6421, a popular system for mining, is the home of the secretive Children of Raxxla organisation, led by former Imperial Senator Kahina Loren, who now goes by the name “Salomé”.

SMAC spokesperson CMDR Demetrius Dennehy said:

“Our goals for exploration support facilities beyond the bubble are in line with those of the Children of Raxxla, so it makes sense for us to have a presence at HR 6421. We would welcome the opportunity to work together on forthcoming projects and have extended the hand of friendship to our neighbours.”

The good people of Serebrov Terminal can also look forward to increased supplies of Morrina Tea heading their way — a by-product of SMAC’s arrival!

Morrina 3 Relief Effort Success

7th May 3302

The Spinward Marches Alliance Concern has announced that its campaign to bring relief to the people of the Morrina system has been enthusiastically received by the galactic community, resulting in a deluge of deliveries to Beaumont Dock.

Following the success of the campaign, Spinward Marches Alliance Concern spokespersons CMDR Dibber and CMDR Mordu released a brief statement:

“We would like to extend our sincere thanks to members of the Pilots Federation who gave so generously of their time and resources. Today marks the beginning of a brighter future for the people of Morrina. As the system stabilises, we will turn to the goals of terraforming Morrina 4 and establishing exploration outposts deep in the Orion Arm.”

The medicines, water purifiers and power generators delivered to the station have already started to be distributed to those affected by the system’s recent conflicts.

Tea Baggers to the Rescue

3rd May 3302

A group of resourceful pilots have responded to pirate attacks in the Morrina system by offering to help compensate commanders who have lost their vessels.

The organisation known as “The Tea Baggers” got their name (and leapt to fame) when their innovative cargo canister relay technique allowed them to move large quantities of Ceremonial Heike Tea, an antidote to the Cerberus Plague, to the Bast system. Their actions helped restrict the spread of the deadly disease and earned plaudits from across the Pilots Federation.

Now the Tea Baggers are encouraging commanders who have been affected by the recent pirate attacks that briefly disrupted operations at Beaumont Dock to bring limpet collector drones and collect free cargo from outside the station. This cargo can then be sold to help cover the insurance claims paid on replacement ships.

Tea Baggers’ CMDR OuDeMan said:

“We want to compensate new commanders whose generosity in contributing to the relief effort has been repaid with their ship’s destruction. And what better place for the Tea Baggers to help out than here at the Herculis Sector’s home of tea!”

Commanders can contact the Tea Baggers to take part and claim their cargo canisters via the local wide band communications channel, or by private message to one of CMDR A.S.Shat, CMDR Craith Rhandhir or CMDR Skywatcherhc.

Coffee for the Canonn

1st May 3302

The galaxy-renowned Canonn Research Group are amongst the hundreds of commanders who have responded to the call for urgent supplies at Beaumont Dock. And it turns out they love the local exports too, according to Canonn Lab-Assistant CMDR Danubezoe:

“We’ve just delivered some shipments of Water Purifiers and Power Generators to our neighbours in Morrina — only the best for the good folks of Spinward Marches — high-quality Varatian craftmanship for sustained operability and excellent performance. Don’t be fooled by the cheaper brands. Some say eight out of ten Morrinians prefer water from Varatian Water Purifiers™

“And our good folks at Thompson Dock love the roasted beans of Morrina it seems, I came with over three hundred and fifty tonnes of the finest beans and they were gone in seconds. One of the dockers said: ‘Thank the gods it is possible to get a decent cup of coffee that hasn’t been s*** by a cat!’”

Whilst technical boffins prepare some special batches of coffee beans grown in the hydroponic labs using the Varatian filtered water, the Spinward Marches Alliance Concern were quick to point out the quality of their tea exports as well. Grown to a great height in the low-G of Morrina 3 the leaves produce a full-bodied taste, wrapped up in simple packaging that makes it the finest blend this side of the Wredguia sector.

Export stock for both tea and coffee is readily available at Beaumont Dock, vacuum-packed and climate controlled for rapid transit along favoured trade routes.

Intrepid miner offers free precious metals to commanders at Beaumont Dock

29th April 3302

A generous miner is offering free painite, platinum and palladium to new commanders who contribute to the community goal at Morrina 3.

CMDR biohazard15 is encouraging rookie pilots to visit the Morrina system and contribute Power Generators, Basic Medicines and Water Purifiers to SMAC’s trade initiative by giving away the precious metals for free.

New commanders, as well as pilots who’ve lost ships to pirates while contributing to the community goal, can contact CMDR biohazard15 by private message or via the Frontier forum to obtain their reward or some compensation for their lost vessel. Look out for his Imperial Clipper at or near Beaumont Dock.

Phoenix from the Flames

28th April 3302

As the dust continues to settle from the civil war and criminal activity that wreaked havoc at Morrina, SMAC is stepping up to help rebuild the system. The organisation has started an appeal for Basic Medicines, Water Purifiers and Power Generators to help those affected by the recent conflict and bounty hunts.

A spokesperson for the organisation released the following statement:

“For the past month, the Morrina system has been embroiled in conflict and criminality. The galactic community generously stepped up recently to help cull the criminal elements ravaging the system. SMAC has begun to repair the planetary infrastructure and restore power to the night side of tidally-locked Morrina 3, but we desperately need more help and supplies to get the population across the system back on its feet.”

The organisation has promised to reward those who deliver the much-needed commodities to Beaumont Dock in the Morrina system. The campaign begins on 28th April 3302 and will run for one week.

Bounty hunting initiative brings Morrina out of lockdown

27th April 3302

The Spinward Marches Alliance Concern is enjoying an extended period of economic boom thanks to the efforts of commanders from across the Pilots Federation.

A bounty hunting initiative sponsored by the Morrina Pro-Alliance Party saw hundreds of pilots flock to the system in the wake of piracy and criminality during the recent civil wars.

The successful bounty hunting effort has resulted in both factions coming out of post-war lockdown as the system continues to recover from the conflicts.